How does antivirus work?

Our antivirus scans every 6 hours and scans automatically each time the filesystem changes. In other words, if you upload a new file to your website our antivirus scans it immediately. There is also an option to start manual scanning by clicking the rescan button in the right top of the module. Manual scanning shows the same results if no changes to filesystem has occurred since the last automatic scanning.

How does manual scan work?

To start scanning you need to click on rescan button in antivirus logs module. In case no changes happened to your filesystem since the last automatic scan the logs will show the same results after manual rescanning.

How do I delete an infected file?

It is impossible to completely delete a file marked as infected by an antivirus using our service. This can be a vital file for your website. You can quarantine this file. To do this, select the site you need in your personal account. Go to the antivirus module, click the "SHOW MORE" button, configure the filter for infected files and click the "trash bin" icon next to the file name.

Updated 05 May 2021
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