Agent Deactivation

Usually files are deleted automatically and it can take time.

Instructions for deleting WebTotem files

1. Go to the root directory of your site (usually this is where the core of the site is located, for example index.php) 2. Find files with the extension am.php, *av.php and waf.php (there should be long lines from the character set before them), as well as the folders in the name of which there is [webtotem] You need to delete these objects to clean up the site.

In total, 5 files and 2 directories with files are created: AM = <64_chars> .am.php DB for AM =. <64_chars> .am.php WAF plugin part = _include_ <64_chars> .waf.php WAF part for commands = <64_chars> .waf.php AV = <64_chars> .av.php Config folders for modules: .wtotem_av_ <12_chars> .wtotem_waf_ <12_chars> But if you have access (to write to the directory for storing php session data), then the file "DB for AM" and 2 directories with configs are set there (and not at the root of the site).

Updated 03 Dec 2021
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