About WebTotem

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WebTotem is your personal assistant in administering and securing websites.

With our platform you don’t need multiple tools to be sure that your website stays available and secure for your clients. Save your time and grow your brand’s reputation with us.

Even 1 hour of website unavailability leads to revenue losses. Our platform helps to keep your website always available for your clients.

  • If your website doesn’t appear in search results we will inform you immediately and help you to solve this issue.
  • We check the expiration of SSL certificates constantly to keep your website always on track.

Your website is under attack almost everyday. WebTotem won’t let it stop your business.

  • It analyzes your website vulnerabilities and helps to improve its health.
  • It saves your websites from hackers, bad bots, SQLi, XSS, spam, Path traversal and many other types of known attacks. 24/7.
  • It prevents the introduction of malware before it destroys your website.

Don’t waste years of growing business because of your website issues. Protect your business now before it is too late.

Updated 08 Dec 2021
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